We provide asset management services with the primary objective of maximising asset values. This is achieved through improving operational efficiency, enhancing the market positioning and profile of the managed assets, minimising expenses and securing good quality tenants to enhance the income and financial performance of the asset.

Our Services include:-

Lease Administration
Manage the rental collection and tracking of key indicators for making informed and strategic real estate decisions on tenancies. Develop strategic plans on marketing of space and lease renewals.

Building Management
Perform the day to day management of the buildings' operations - maintenance of services, cleaning, security and upgrading of the building including redesign of layout to increase spatial efficiency, improvement of all electrical and mechanical installations (aircon systems, vertical transportation, lighting, building automation systems etc). Implement stringent service level agreements to ensure compliance to high service standards at all times by building vendors and contractors.

Transaction Management
Execute acquisition and disposal of assets when required as part of the overall real estate strategic plan.
Repositioning & Tenant Mix Improvement Strategy
This applies to buildings which require a change in market positioning to attract the appropriate tenants and mix of commercial and retail tenants to ensure its success as a highly profitable real estate asset.

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