We provide comprehensive solutions to Corporations for their real estate porfolios by integrating real estate strategies with the overall business objectives. Our clients are mostly multi-national companies with a portfolio of properties in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The advisory service rationalises the profile and values of these assets to determine potential opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and possible threats under prevailing regulatory climate and projected market conditions. We can formulate strategic plans to maximise opportunities and manage forseeable risks to avoid potential pitfalls and take advantage of market opportunities in an increasingly complex and fast-changing global environment. 

VestAsia works closely with our corporate clients, relieving them of this complex and specialised function so that they can focus on their core businesses. The service includes dedicating a team of our experienced managers to examine and manage our clients’ real estate portfolio with the view to create, optimise and enhance real estate values. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients improve their financial numbers and attain their business objectives.

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