We provide comprehensive Investment Management services to clients seeking to invest in real estate. Our clients include institutions, sovereign funds, family wealth funds and private individuals. With 20 years investment experience, we provide our clients with a wide network of real time investment opportunities and a full range of properties for investing in Singapore and key Asian cities. Our successful track record in buying, selling and managing real estate assets across the region has consistently produced a wide array of opportunities which benefit our clients. Most importantly, our core values of professionalism, integrity and focus on long term relationships assure maximum investment returns and protection of specific interests required by our clients. 

We offer a number of Investment alternatives which include outright buying or selling of properties directly or through trust structures. Targeted investments consist mainly of office and industrial properties net leased on a long-term basis (typically 10 years or longer).

We manage a variety of investments ranging from residential projects, commercial offices, hotels to retail malls and development sites. We cater to a wide range of property types, value and risk profiles that are customised to individual client requirements.

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